How sustainable hygiene product company hannahpad came to be

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How sustainable hygiene product company hannahpad came to be


hannahpad is leading the way when it comes to sustainable hygiene products. How did hannahpad begin?

hannahpad was originally established in 2005 to offer an organic and reusable menstrual product in Korea. Marcus and Jenny Steve loved the concept of hannahpad so much that they decided to bring it to Australia and New Zealand, so more people could have access to a healthier and more sustainable product for their menstrual cycle, postpartum bleeding and light bladder leakage.

Why is it important that pads are sustainably made?

Organic cotton is produced in a way to minimise any potential harm to the earth and ecosystems, unlike conventional cotton production which is often harsh on the planet. We believe it is essential to provide products that not only help reduce waste, but are made sustainably.

Tell us a bit more about the products you offer.

hannahpad is a reusable cloth pad, made from certified organic cotton that is unbleached and undyed, healthier on the body, reduces landfill waste and will save you money in the long run! We offer a wide range of cloth pad sizes, reusable organic cotton breast pads, and natural cleaning products.

Do you have any upcoming sales or anything special in store for World Vegan Day?

We will be attending Melbourne’s World Vegan Day expo at Melbourne Showgrounds on Sunday November 10. Come down and visit us for a chat about reusable cloth pads and all things periods, plus we are offering some great exclusive discounts on the day!

hannahpad products are stocked in health stores and supermarkets all across Melbourne and Australia. Find a stockist and make purchases online via their website.