How a girl-likes-boy situation lead to Sannia’s double-single ‘Daylight’ and ‘Better’

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How a girl-likes-boy situation lead to Sannia’s double-single ‘Daylight’ and ‘Better’


We last chatted to you after the release of your 2018 single ‘Go And Get Over’. What have you been up to since?

I’ve been super lucky to tour with some insane artists like The Rubens, Thando, Kira Puru and Eliott, which really pushed me to work harder on my craft. And I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the studio writing. 

What are the stories behind your new double-single ‘Daylight’ and ‘Better’?

The two songs are linked by the standard girl-likes-boy situation. ‘Daylight’ is really that moment you realise you’re in too deep and they don’t feel the same, and ‘Better’ is all about overcoming that rejection and insecurity. 

Your stunning R&B sound is perfectly suited to your emotive narratives. What are you trying to say through your music?

I’m telling my story and I think what motivates me to do that is when people take comfort in shared experiences.

Was figuring out your sound a natural process for you?

I became influenced by so many different styles that I lost my own sound. Sometimes I have to take a step back when I’m writing and remember to just be myself.

What can we expect from your upcoming single launch at The Workers Club?

New music, bad jokes. My live shows are really a springboard for my latest traumas musically, and through storytelling in between songs.

Sannia launches her new double-single at The Workers Club on Thursday September 12. Grab your tickets via the venue website and keep up to date with Sannia via her Facebook page.