Hotter than hell: Entries are now open for the Melbourne Chilli Eating Competition

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Hotter than hell: Entries are now open for the Melbourne Chilli Eating Competition

melbourne chili championship
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Get ready to spice up your life, Melbourne, because the 9th Annual Melbourne Chilli Championship is back on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024.

Hosted by the iconic Brunswick East venue, The Beast, in collaboration with Melbourne Hot Sauce, the competition is set to be fierce, with 24 brave competitors battling it to win merch, booze, cash and the coveted title of Melbourne’s premier chilli-eating champion.

Think you can handle the heat? Entries are now open, but beware: this competition isn’t for the faint of heart. Imagine chillies that surpass the 2 million mark on the official Scoville scale – the Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Chillies, the Naga Viper and the notorious Carolina Reaper.

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To enter, simply mosey on down to The Beast and try a sample of the hot sauce you’ll be eating on the big day. If you can handle it, you’re in. Those unable to make it to The Beast can instead submit a video of themselves munching on a chilli – habanero of hotter.

Previous champions, including Gabby Del Castillo, Steve Batancs, and Greg ‘Iron Guts’ Barlow, who turned from an amateur in 2020 to a world record-holder, have set the bar high.

The theme for this year’s Melbourne Chilli Eating Competition is Spicy Australiana, promising a celebration of local produce with special chilli-themed food and beverage offerings curated by The Beast. Outside, get ready for the World’s Hottest Snag Sizzle pop-up, featuring a collaboration between The Beast and local artisan butcher, McGregor’s, offering deliciously innovative takes on the classic Aussie snag.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Prepare for a surprise celebrity challenge round, with details to be announced. After the competition wraps up, unleash your inner spicy diva at live band karaoke and don’t forget to dress up – there are prizes for the best costume!

Competitor entries are open to amateurs who think they can handle anything from a habañero to a hundred. Whether you’re a seasoned chilli enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Melbourne Chilli Championship is an event that promises heat, flavour and unforgettable moments. Roll up your sleeves, grab a sweat towel, and get ready for the spiciest day on Melbourne’s calendar.

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