Homo Erotica: Kissin’ By The Mistletoe

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Homo Erotica: Kissin’ By The Mistletoe

At this edition of our queer dance and play party, we’re celebrating Christmas in July! Ever wanted to meet your secret Santa? Or spend the night ‘kissing’ by the mistletoe? Or dancing to dirty, filthy techno music? This might be the night for you!

DJ line up

Estée Louder
DJ Kiti
Magda Bytnerowicz

Performer line up

Sam Thompson
Egson Ham

+ more to come!

All genders, sexual orientations, body types and subcultures are celebrated at HOMO EROTICA.
// Consent is mandatory
// We create a safe space for everyone to express their authentic selves
// Watch out for one another and be kind
// We don’t accept any discrimination in any form
// Please read our Code of Conduct before joining us for a night of queer euphoria