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Holly Miranda


Songstress Holly Miranda released “The Magician’s Private Library” , her XL label debut, in 2010. Despite being released very early in the year, it has proved to be one of the stayer records of the past 12 months.

Songstress Holly Miranda released The Magician’s Private Library , her XL label debut, in 2010. Despite being released very early in the year, it has proved to be one of the stayer records of the past 12 months. Recorded with and produced by Dave Sitek (famed as a member of TV On The Radio, as a solo artist, and producer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs among many others), The Magician’s Private Library is both brittle and bold: Holly’s delicate tones offset with occasionally grandscale orchestral arrangements and wiry beats.

The album also has a wash of tonal delights which seethe in the back, while Holly’s honey tones command your attention up front. It’s a little bit like the songwriter vs. the studio; the result being an album which feels and sounds both classic and contemporary at the same time.


All the way from mainland America, Holly is performing for the second time in Australia this January. This tour includes a show in Melbourne at The East Brunswick Club and a spot on the Sydney Festival bill. Luckily, she took time out to reflect on the year past and the one to come.

It seems tardy to say it now in January 2011 but, congratulations on recording and releasing The Magicians Private Library ; it’s a beautiful album and definitely one of my favourite releases of 2010. How did you feel when you finished recording the album?

“It was such an incredible experience making this album that, when it was done, I had mixed feelings. It’s a record I’m very proud of, so I was happy to see it completed, but also quite sad to see the time in the studio end.”

Do these songs still seem close to what they started out to be, having heard them and played them live for a while?


“Songs are always changing and evolving, but I think the core sentiment is the same. They are all very close to my heart.”

And how do you feel about these songs now in 2011?


“I still love the songs and the album.”

You’ve been playing music for a number of years now. Could you have ever written songs with the personality and intensity of those on this record when you were ten years younger?


“I’ve always written pretty intensely, but maybe what was intense to me at 18, isn’t all that intense at 28? I don’t know.”

Have you been continually writing new songs since you recorded The Magician’s Private Library , or did you need time out for a break from songwriting?

“I took a long break and now I’m getting back into it. I need some time off from touring and some time off, just having a normal life, before I had anything new to say.”

Of course it’s a new year now, 2011, so what are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

“There are so many things I want to do this year, but if I had to pick one, I’d say making a new album.”

HOLLY MIRANDA performs in Melbourne at The East Brunswick Club this Monday January 17 with Amaya Laucirica. Tickets from The East Brunswick Club box office, 9388 9794, or eastbrunswickclub.com. Her new album The Magician’s Private Library is available now through XL/Remote Control Records.