Heavy Congress – 2021 RISING Festival

Heavy Congress – 2021 RISING Festival

This event is part of the 2021 RISING Festival.

RISING is a surge of art, music, performance and ceremony in the heart of Melbourne… In other words, it’s a new festival in Victoria’s cultural calendar. RISING will begin on the evening of the total lunar eclipse 26 May and run until 6 June 2021.

 A circle of mighty speaker stacks surrounds you. The bass is coming and it’s gonna be big.

Heavy Congress is a major live music event representing Melbourne’s own thriving sound system culture. Sprouting from proud Afro-Caribbean roots, crews of DJs and MCs across the world have now built their own monolithic stacks of custom-designed, intricately adorned speakers.

Set up to surround the audience, the unique sound systems of Melbourne crews—representing suburbs including Brunswick, Coburg, Reservoir, Campbellfield, North Melbourne and even from as far as High Wycombe, England and South America—will drop bass-heavy dub, roots reggae, drum and bass, hip hop, techno, and Afro-Caribbean tracks pressed to vinyl, taking turns to win over the crowd. Their triumphant reward: hearing the crowd beg for more as they are swept away in a baptism of rhythm and bass.