Hardstyle festival Kandy Carnival is coming to Port Melbourne this weekend

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Hardstyle festival Kandy Carnival is coming to Port Melbourne this weekend

Kandy Carnival
Words by Staff Writer

Hard Kandy are throwing their Kandy Carnival hardstyle festival on Friday December 8 at Port Melbourne Industrial Centre for the Arts (PICA).

Kandy Carnival 2023 lineup

  • Code Black
  • Frontliner
  • Keltek
  • dirandofficial
  • Toneshifterz
  • Warface
  • MC D

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The story of Hard Kandy began back in 1999 as a weekly Melbourne club night. What followed from those early halcyon days has been a real-life Cinderella story for the Australian hard dance community. Hard Kandy has gone on to produce and sell out numerous large-scale events including Shadows of Wonderland, Kandy Carnival, Esoteric Festival and a partnership with HSU Events that resulted in the biggest harder styles festival in Australia, welcoming some 20,000 revellers; Knockout Outdoors.

They’ve previously hosted international hardstyle talent including Brennan Heart, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Da Tweekaz, Angerfist, Headhunterz, Gammer and Gunz For Hire to name but a few.

Hardstyle is a dynamic and energetic genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in the late 1990s and gained widespread popularity in the 2000s. Characterised by its fast tempo, typically ranging from 150 to 160 beats per minute, hardstyle is known for its hard-hitting kicks, intense basslines, and catchy melodies.

One of the defining features of hardstyle is the distinctive “reverse bass,” a bassline pattern that creates a pulsating and driving rhythm. This element, along with the use of synthesized sounds and distorted kicks, gives hardstyle its unique and powerful sonic signature. The genre often incorporates influences from other EDM genres, such as trance and techno, resulting in a diverse and dynamic musical experience.

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