Hannah Gadsby’s new comedy special ‘Douglas’ is coming to Netflix

Hannah Gadsby’s new comedy special ‘Douglas’ is coming to Netflix

The long-awaited follow-up to Nanette is almost here.

In 2018, Hannah Gadsby turned comedy on its head with her award-winning Netflix special Nanette. Now, the Australian comedian has announced its follow up, Douglas, will drop on the streaming platform in May.

Named after her dog, Douglas “is a tour from the dog park to the renaissance and back guided by one of comedy’s most sparkling and surprising minds,” according to a statement from Netflix.

While Hannah Gadsby has long been a familiar name in the Australian comedy scene, it was Nanette that earnt her international acclaim. Bold and unapologetic, the special was bound to ruffle some feathers and with a newfound international audience, Gadsby found herself privy to the toxicity of celebrity status and haters – a topic she unpacks through her latest stand-up special.

Having made headlines for her dark style of humour and innovative blend of comedy and storytelling, you can bet Douglas will be well worth watching.

Douglas comes to Netflix on Tuesday May 26.