Hakuna Matata: The MSO are performing The Lion King in Concert in February

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Hakuna Matata: The MSO are performing The Lion King in Concert in February

The Lion King Melbourne
Words by Staff Writer

Experience The Lion King like you've never before, as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform Hans Zimmer's Oscar-winning score live to screen

The world-renowned Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will be performing The Lion King in Concert twice on Saturday February 3, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Disney’s beloved blockbuster and one of the most popular film soundtracks of all time.

With songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, it’s an opportunity for the whole family to transport themselves to the African savannah and feel the full symphonic power of the MSO’s world-class musicians, as the audience relives the magic of this classic Disney film live in concert.

The Lion King in Concert

  • Saturday 3 February, 1pm
  • Saturday 3 February, 7.30pm
  • The Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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The Lion King, a timeless masterpiece of animation, has captivated audiences around the world since its release in 1994. While its breathtaking visuals and heartwarming storyline have played a significant role in its enduring popularity, it’s the soundtrack that truly brings this animated epic to life.

At the heart of the soundtrack are John’s melodies and Rice’s poignant lyrics. Songs like Circle of Life and Can You Feel the Love Tonight not only drive the narrative but also evoke powerful emotions in listeners of all ages, an effect that will be amplified emphatically by the MSO’s live score.

Zimmer’s contribution to the soundtrack – the perfect inspiration for the MSO – is equally remarkable. His use of African rhythms, chants, and instruments adds depth and authenticity to the film’s African savannah setting. Tracks like This Land and Under the Stars transport listeners to the Pride Lands, evoking a sense of awe and wonder at the vast African landscape.

Of course, the soundtrack also includes the infectious and humorous Hakuna Matata, a joyful celebration of carefree living that’s in a short list of the most iconic film songs ever created, as well as the villainous Be Prepared, where Scar plots his sinister takeover of the Pride Lands.

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