H3RIZON remind us of the ’90s R&B glory days with energetic new track, ‘Maniac’

H3RIZON remind us of the ’90s R&B glory days with energetic new track, ‘Maniac’

The TikTok sensations are rapidly on the rise.

TikTok has been a revelation for artists able to quickly capture the attention of audiences. It’s immediate and fast-paced and has served as the perfect platform for Sydney R&B-pop group H3RIZON to make their mark.

With more than 216,000 TikTok followers to their name, H3RIZON have just arrived with their next single. ‘Maniac’ is a breakneck, energetic R&B-pop number that sees the trio trade spirited vocals, bouncing back and forth between each other as a dynamic bassline drives the song’s instrumental undercurrent.

Across the song’s near-three-minute runtime, other musical arrangements such as horns and subdued drums waft in and out in a track that’s a sprint to the finish line.

Through ‘Maniac’, H3RIZON’s influences become clear as elements of the song subtly recall acclaimed predecessors such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, SWV and En Vogue. But H3RIZON are on a journey to find their own voice, and on ‘Maniac’ they make another splash in the pop music space.

Check out the new track below.

For more on H3RIZON, check out their TikTok and Instagram.

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