Gosteleradio : Gosteleradio EP

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Gosteleradio : Gosteleradio EP


The reverb is heavy, the harmonies are warm and the rhythm steady, wrapping the trippy sixties psychedelia of The Beatles together with ‘70s folk rock. The Strong brothers have a knack for writing vivid, otherworldly lyrics and some of their best are included here, including the strange images that emerge through the opening track. “Into the moon last night, I shot a flare at the sky,” The Somme begins, “Just like a falling star, I’ve gotta grab it, but it’s already gone from my mind.” It continues on in a sinister fog of phrases; guns, battles and smoke drifting lazily through the music as though the singer were describing a half-forgotten dream about World War I.

Next up is Odyssey, which has lovely plonking piano lines and a joyful chorus, ending in an abrupt crescendo of voices – Gosteleradio at their most upbeat. Rounding out the set is Wave, which is more amazing with every listen, as the long running stream of words slowly pieces itself together and you realise what terrifying thoughts are whispered through this gentle-rocking lullaby: “Underneath the ground, there’s a system under strain, though it doesn’t make a sound, it hold a wellspring in decay. If the firmament should break beyond the shore, and great wave rises up to drown us all, then giving up to all up to idols that are false won’t turn the world into an order that you ever will control.” Genius.