Golden Plains

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Golden Plains

Golden Plains, we salute you.

Y’know, while I like the ladies and all, Jeffrey Lewis kinda managed to get me to love the bastard. Amongst the rain, the booze and the Pavement, he and his Junkyard remain the freakin’ highlight of Golden Plains. It’s early Sunday arvo, and the sun is finally out after a night of constant rain – mud is everywhere (though, it’s not as bad as Meredtih ’08), people are drying off and spirits are lifting – and Jeff gives us his gangsta-rap song about mosquitoes. I lose my shit. It’s fucking fantastic. His entirely unassuming set of garage-anti-folk-punk is captivating for its down-home un-pretentiousness – he wins Golden Plains.

That said, Pavement were pretty goddamn incredible. Those slivers of memories came flooding, and with age both the band and the tunes have grown in stature. Monotonix were awesome – it seems playing your entire set from/on top of the crowd is a sure-fire winner. Plus, y’know, there’s that thing about how kickarse they are. Big Pink were alright, not as good as expected however,  Dinosaur Jr are at their ear-blasting best as well – J’s swirling guitar brain-fucking everyone in the amphitheatre, consensual or no. The rain kept a-tumblin’, we all kept a-drinkin’ and the night was grandiose in the finest tradition of Golden Plains.

Once more, I’ll doff my cap, raise my glass and thank GP for being wet, but awesome.