Gigs galore: What’s on at The Bergy this month

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Gigs galore: What’s on at The Bergy this month

Bergy Seltzer
words by staff writer

Since its establishment in 2019, The Bergy has quickly become a cherished watering hole on Brunswick's own Sydney Road.

Drawing you in with its welcoming neon light, The Bergy offers a snug bar space reminiscent of your old sharehouse backyard. With their co-owner David “Frankie” Cudmore doubling as the man behind the bar, The Bergy brings an old-school pub vibe and is dedicated to creating a sense of community for the locals.

Striking a balance between small and large venues, The Bergy’s newest bandroom is a transformed empty warehouse space that caters to 200 punters.

With meticulous attention to detail, they designed an acoustically tailored venue from scratch. The walls are sound-treated, and the ceiling features absorbers to enhance the auditory experience.

Despite the expansion, The Bergy remains true to its roots, offering the same combination of booze, music, and good times that have made it a local favourite. The improved acoustics and increased space only enhance the experience, making it an enticing venue for artists and patrons alike.

As 2023 unfolds, The Bergy’s new bandroom promises an exciting lineup of performers and an even brighter future for the Brunswick community.

Do yourself a favour and check out what’s on at The Bergy over the next month:


  • With Dynasty, Roddy and the Rodents, Maizie
  • July 13

Squid the Kid

  • With Drest, Mizuki
  • July 14

The Chevaliers

  • With Eat The Damn Orange, The Cigarillos
  • July 15

Sky In July

  • With Polly and the Pockets, The Dolphins, Bathhouse
  • July 20

Furious George

  • With NO DICE!, Rise From The Ashes, Atriox, All Monsters Are Human
  • July 21

Much Love to the ASRC Fundraiser

  • With Dopplerhaus, Dilemmas, The Carp Factory, Lostii, Shen & Doma, nickname, swyr & Tate Baker
  • July 22

GRUPS + Annual Leaf

  • With Dodda Rivka, Gareth Skinner
  • July 28

Square Dance Caller

  • With The Glamour, Cascade Bloom
  • July 29

Pretty Moi

  • With Ramona Sky and Day Dreamers
  • August 4

Dole Manchild

  • With Champ Ruby, BIFF!
  • August 5

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This article was made in partnership with The Bergy Seltzer.