Gift your whisky-loving lover a bottle of NED this V-Day

Gift your whisky-loving lover a bottle of NED this V-Day

Words by Eva Marchingo

Unique and (literally) heartwarming, a bottle of whisky is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Picasso often said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”, but he clearly never got his hands on a bottle of NED, an entirely original and locally-crafted Australian whisky.

From humble beginnings – dreaming up ideas at a Melbourne pub – the innovators behind NED have come a long way. They’re known by many titles: inventors, entrepreneurs, challengers, and – for anyone who tastes their whiskey – indisputable artists. But what they are, at their core, is lovers of Australian whisky.

NED gives Australian drinkers of dark spirits a locally-crafted whisky to call their own. If home is where the heart is, then home is in every bottle of NED.

Finding something to love in even the most inconvenient parts of Melbourne, they utilise the iconic temperature variations of the city in their barrelling process.

Their whisky is aged in second fill oak, finished in new heavily-charred oak for boldness and character, and then charcoal-filtered before being transferred to large European oak vats for final blending and consistency.

Every bottle of NED is hand-bottled and labelled, and individually numbered. It is uniquely Australian, from the production to the fiercly independent taste. And just as the whisky embodies the Australian spirit, the makers embody Australian values.

Dedicated to supporting local communities, NED is committed to helping everyday Aussies with their initiative, That’s the Spirit. It’s one thing to buy a brilliant gift, and even better to know that gift is helping support the local community.

Love, commitment, desire and passion fuel the production of NED, making it the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Head to the NED website to shop their range or find your nearest stockist.