Get swept away in Geelong’s Tornado

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Get swept away in Geelong’s Tornado


Adventure Park Geelong is set to unveil its grand monstrosity of a waterslide The Tornado at a grand opening this weekend. The waterslide is now the biggest and longest of its kind in Victoria.

Starting from tomorrow, thrill seekers can sail down 205 metres of loops at top speeds and take on the enormous Tornado funnel. The funnel guarantees intense swings that pit the rider against near-vertical drops, emulating the feeling of zero gravity.

If the intense adrenaline rush of nearly losing your togs isn’t for you, the park also boasts brand new sun lounges and cabanas to chill on.

For those looking for family fun, this opening weekend includes appearances from the Streets Paddle Pop Lion, a facepainting booth and more. The first 200 people to visit the park tomorrow will also get a free Streets ‘Gaytime Sanga’. Who doesn’t love free ice-cream?