G Flip, Isaiah Firebrace and more to host new radio station exploring the music trending on TikTok

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G Flip, Isaiah Firebrace and more to host new radio station exploring the music trending on TikTok

G Flip

Launched today, the pop-up digital station will be on-air 24/7 for the next three months.

TikTok has had a huge impact on the music industry, whether it’s through resurfacing classic tracks, serving as a platform for artists to premiere their own music or allowing musicians to connect with their fans.

These days, you can pretty much guarantee that a song involved in a TikTok trend is going to appear on the charts.

Now, the songs of TikTok are hitting the airwaves with the launch of the Australian-exclusive radio station, TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio. 

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For the next three months, the digital station will be on-air 24/7 broadcasting TikTok-trending music as well as featuring artist interviews, guest hosts, stories behind certain trends and more.

Hosted by Australian musicians G Flip and Isaiah Firebrace alongside social media stars Tannar and Avneesha, the station will be pumping everything from pop, hip hop and rock to beloved classics that have had a resurgence through the app, as well as a bunch of new tunes from emerging acts who are turning heads on TikTok.

“Hosting is a brand new world for me, but I’m pumped… I’ve been behind the mic on the other end of radio interviews plenty of times, and have so much respect for how knowledgeable and quick-witted radio hosts are, as well as how they multitask and work the control panel at the same time as talking on air,” said G Flip.

“I’m most looking forward to introducing my fellow music fans to some awesome new talents, and hope everyone can tune into my show,” she said.


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