Friday the 13th returns to the silver screen at The Astor Theatre (on Friday 13)

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Friday the 13th returns to the silver screen at The Astor Theatre (on Friday 13)

Friday The 13th
words by staff writer

"You're doomed! You're all doomed!"

Would have been a shame if they hadn’t.

The Astor is screening the original 1980s version of Friday the 13th, a true classic in the realm of horror thrillers. It takes place on (you would never guess) Friday 13.

Friday The 13th Astor Theatre

  • When: Friday 13
  • Where: Astor Theatre

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Friday the 13th is a classic horror film that revolves around the ominous and cursed Camp Crystal Lake. The plot centres on a group of young camp counsellors who arrive to reopen the long-abandoned camp, unaware of its dark and blood-soaked history. As they begin their preparations, a mysterious and relentless killer, masked with a hockey goalie’s mask, embarks on a gruesome spree of murder, targeting each counsellor one by one.

The film’s success has spawned numerous sequels and established itself as a cornerstone in the genre of slasher horror.


The Astor Theatre, known for its vintage charm and cinematic history, is the perfect backdrop for a night of terror-filled entertainment. With its plush red velvet seats and ornate décor, it transports you back to the golden age of cinema, adding an extra layer of spookiness to your Friday the 13th experience.

Over the years The Astor has screened classic films from the Marx Brothers to the Blues Brothers, from A Day at the Races to Apocalypse Now, from Metropolis to Star Wars, from Dr Zhivago to Reservoir Dogs, augmented by the latest releases of the day.

It all goes down on Friday 13. Grab tickets by heading here.