The best pet-friendly pubs in Melbourne

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The best pet-friendly pubs in Melbourne

Now this is a real issue; you’re chilling at home with Wiffa (your dog AKA bestie) having a big ol’ cuddle when your friends shoot you a “pub?” message. Obviously you’re down, although within seconds, you find yourself stuck in a web of guilt thanks to Wiffa’s puppy dog eyes, you know he’s saying “If you dare leave me, I’ll never forgive you.” Then you remember that there are venues who welcome our fluffy friends, so it’s possible to enjoy some cold ones together as one big family. This week I’d like to share these puppy friendly venues.

The Great Northern Hotel down on Rathdowne Street, Carlton is no stranger to Beat readers I’m sure. Their $14 parma nights on Mondays, $14 steak nights on Tuesdays and $15 Burger nights on Wednesdays have had me coming back for years – if you haven’t tried their Mac and Cheese patties I really suggest doing so ASAP. Although it’s their ‘bring your pooch’ policy that’s their best offer yet. Their welcome of all puppers – big, small, fluffy or bare – has been so well received that a sole Instagram account dedicated to the pups that come through was only necessary. Check it out here (@dogs_of_gnh) and head down on your next walkies.

Does your dog want to be right in the middle of the action, at one of Melbourne’s most loved pubs on Gore Street, Fitzroy? Well buckle him up and head to The Union Club Hotel for a session. Their pool table is top of my list in terms of comfort and atmosphere, and the pub as a whole always seems to exempt warmth, cosiness and intimacy at the busiest of times – even though it’s location sits prime in the Smith Street hustle. Their schnitzel menu is also worth a mention offering a variety of schnitzels including chicken, veal, chicken parma, The Union Chicken Parma (with Salami and BBQ sauce) and The Union Diemen’ Chicken Parma (with green jalapenos and ham, salami and hot sauce). Just choose your sauce, sides and make sure to place a gold coin on the pool table.

Dogs love the beach right? Well, at least that’s what superannuation commercials have told me. I’ve heard humans like it too, especially when they’re able to enjoy fresh seafood, delectable cocktails and an ocean breeze on the bay with their pupper. That’s exactly what you can expect to experience down at Republica in St Kilda, where freshly shucked oysters and bbq swordfish meet live music and locals walking through post-dip in the bay. The venue is known mostly for their grassy courtyard which always seems to boast community vibes and relaxation, although their welcome of all dogs makes all of that a lot friendlier. I’d suggest trying their Beer Battered Fish and Chips or the Smoked Ocean Trout Salad.