Footscray Adult Bingo: Footscray’s Famous Drag Bingo

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Footscray Adult Bingo: Footscray’s Famous Drag Bingo

Pride of our Footscray
It’s Footscray’s Famous Drag Bingo.
Pride of our Footscray has searched far and wide, and received applications from an amazing and diverse group of performers wanting to be Drag Bingo’s next star.
We need your help because it’s just too hard for us to choose! Over 3 Wednesdays from May 4 to May 18, our applicants will be taking to the Pride stage as our guests to LIVE AUDITION for us.
While you play bingo, you’ll get to see each of them perform and host in their own unique style.
And then, at the end of the 3 weeks, we’ll be able to determine just who will be our next host of Footscray Adult Bingo.
Footscray Adult Bingo was established in 2018 at Pride of our Footscray and has developed a healthy, cult following since – hence earning the phrase ‘Footscray’s Famous Drag Bingo’. Along with drag legends Abril La Trene and Aurora Arsenic being regular hosts – with the latter giving us our bingo fix through lockdowns with Zoom-based nights under the guise “Self Bingo-Lation” – bingo guests have included local identities, the cream of Melbourne’s drag community and even politicians such as Fiona Patten, Leader of the Reason Party.