Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold

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Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold


There’s an excellent chance that if every music genre was competing as an Olympic team, Dave Grohl would be the one carrying the flag for the rockers. The amount of top-class albums/songs/moments that have Grohl at the centre of them is downright astounding, and with a talented group like the Foo Fighters around him, I don’t think anything they release can ever be downright bad.


Concrete and Gold is a return to form for the veteran group, with more classic tracks to be found, complete with the expected headbanging and sing/shoutalongs we already love. As always, Taylor Hawkins is an absolute beast on the drums, and Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett drive things along with some guitar mastery.


‘Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ and ‘Arrows’ are standout tracks, which is a tough call to make on an album of this quality. Foo Fighters are back in form, and with a rollicking stadium tour just announced, get yourself out there and see them for some real rock’n’roll.