Flyying Colours fillled the Bergy Bandroom with their new album You Never Know

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Flyying Colours fillled the Bergy Bandroom with their new album You Never Know

Flyying Colours
Words by Mia Casey

In a sea of leather and denim, the Bergy Bandroom was filled with eager fans awaiting the performance of the pop-shoegaze band, Flyying Colours last weekend.

With the room filled to capacity, audience members rolled in one by one as the supporting acts Emotion Picture and Blue Vedder kicked off the night with a bang.

Emotion Picture began with lead singer and guitarist Grace Mitchell, wowing the audience with talent and personal anecdotes alongside bandmates James Seymour on Lead Guitar and vocals, Luke “tasty bass” Woollet on Bass and Steve Collins on drums.

The band shared their recent January release Head On and other highly-emotionally resonating tracks like Feel-Good, lead singer Grace explaining they were written about moving back to Australia from Los Angeles and Paris, about how things aren’t always what you expect.


Blue Vedder was nothing short of excellent and performed at the utmost quality as it was an important gig for them. Blue Vedder said goodbye to their talented young bassist, Lachlan Birch who performed a short song alongside bandmates, Seth Handcock on lead vocals and guitar, Lauren Eddy on guitar and vocals and Bryce Gardiner on drums.

With the crowd warmed up, anticipation to hear Flyying Colours perform their new album You Never Know was high. Shoulder to shoulder, the audience was pushed as close as possible to the stage to listen to the vocals of Brodie J Brümmer and Gemma O’Connor with bassist, Melanie Barbaro and drummer Andy Lloyd Russel. They opened up their show with their songs Long Holiday from their 2016 album, Mindfulness and Goodbye to Music Forever’ as well as I Live in a Small Town from their recent album only released in March.

Lead singer Brodie J Brümmer encapsulated the audience with his effortlessly cool style and humble approach to his craft. His low register was complimented perfectly by Gemma O’Connor’s gentle and angelic voice – not to mention, the two had good banter and stage presence as they had joked about playing together for 20 years.

Drummer Andy Lloyd Russel had a way with the audience as he addressed members throughout the show, while never missing a beat. Melanie Barbaro while not as talkative, her talent on the bass said it all as her guitar buzzed through the venue.


Flyying Colours performed a mix of older pieces alongside tracks from their third studio album, released under Poison City records. The band’s stage performance Is truly something to behold; their comfortable, candid approach is part of why they’re so critically-acclaimed. Performing together for around a decade, each member brings a certain aspect of their personality to the music they produce making Saturday night’s gig a knockout.

Listen to You Never Know here.