Flight of the Conchords confirmed for TV comeback

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Flight of the Conchords confirmed for TV comeback


Like a kiwi from the ashes, the greatest musical export to ever arise from New Zealand (sorry, Neil Finn) has returned. 

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie are making a long-awaited return to our screens, confirming an hour-long comeback special due out this May via HBO. 

Filmed in front of a live audience, the special will capture a sold-out date from the pair’s forthcoming UK tour. 

Expect live performances of your favourite Conchords tracks, as well as some new tunes written for their Flight of the Conchords Sing Flight of the Conchords show. 

Spanning just two seasons, the original Flight of the Conchords series first went to air in 2007 before going on to become a widespread cult classic in the years following.

As for the remainder of 2018, the duo will be touring the States and the UK. Here’s hoping they find the time to come pay us a visit Down Under too.