Five facts you didn’t know about Hideous Sun Demon

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Five facts you didn’t know about Hideous Sun Demon


1.We have never seen the film Hideous Sun Demon. Are we poseurs or are we just really busy? I dunno. Maybe we’ll all sit down and watch it one day. I’ve heard it isn’t very good, but the monster looks cool when he comes up in Google searches. 

2. While we’re on the topic of names, here’s one only the ‘super fans’ will remember. The band’s first incarnation of many was as ‘Fantastic Coprophilia’ – a high school joke band that played a few originals and also did Pixies/Gang Of Four covers. We probably played two or three gigs and then got offered a free (it wasn’t) recording session which made us start taking it a bit more seriously. This was a long time ago. 

3. Including the current line-up of Vin, Blake and Jake, HSD has had eight members. A real revolving door of a rollercoaster ride. Bill lives in Europe now and is a grade eight pianist who used to shred Beethoven at practice. 

4. Only two people in the world have HSD tattoos. They’re our mates’ stick n pokes, so it probably doesn’t count but we aim to increase the number anyway. 

5. We’re pretty proud of the time we played three shows in one day. We are less proud of the time we missed our flights home to Perth because we were having parmies at The Birmi. Pretty funny though and they do serve a good bird. An expensive but delicious mistake.