Firetail + The No Ego Thing

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Firetail + The No Ego Thing

The Toff In Town

Firetail’s charged harmonies, infused with global influences, form the perfect backdrop for The No Ego Thing’s thought-provoking verses. Together, they create a sonic battleground where minds break free in the boundless space of political discourse.

Tumi the Be is a Motswana poet and rapper who began his creative journey as a teenager, after seeing his first rap cipher. Captivated by the sound of syncopated speech over a fat beat, he wrestled a pen to an empty page and turned churning thoughts into rhyming verse. Tumi’s style is a vibrant blend of old school rap and spoken word poetry, steeped in rich musical, spiritual and poetic tradition, Tumi shares abstract ideas, philosophical musings and real-life experiences adding to his diverse appeal.