Finucane & Smith’s: FUTURE. JOY. CLUB.

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Finucane & Smith’s: FUTURE. JOY. CLUB.

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Session Times
Thurs – Sat: 7:00pm
Sun: 5:30pm
Sat 23 July, Sat 30 July: 9:30pm

Melbourne. Winter. 2 years of pandemic. And counting … what’s there to look forward to?

Future Joy is here! And babe, we guarantee your groove back!

Created by world famous variety provocateurs Finucane & Smith Unlimited, this is the ONLY club you’ll ever need. Incandescent, wild, dangerous, sexy, magnificent, amorous … & overproof joyous.

Let us mix you an unforgettable cocktail of artistes, artforms, languages & love all decked out in acid pinks, chandeliers & sumptuous satins.