Fink : Resurgam

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Fink : Resurgam


The titular ‘Resurgam’ opens the austere music we have come to expect. With Flood overseeing this cerebral cavort, it is clear that Fink is on the cusp of crossing the Rubicon from cult artist to scrapping at the sheen of pop stardom.

Recorded in a church, this presents a template for his pulpit sermonizing gospel and gorgeous-albeit-heartbreaking visions with the dexterity of deep groove on ‘Day 22‘. By ‘Cracks Appear’, Fink is well on the path of reinforcing the traditional values of composition and songcraft. Sometimes grandiose, he hits the right notes and splendidly they don’t sound wrong.

Clearly, he wants to craft some mystical melodies with a weight of meaning. ‘Word To The Wise’ is dutifully minimal while avoiding the predictable. Becoming more adventurous with every release, Fink seeks to clasp the lush language of drama, intimacy and heartache. ‘There’s Just Something About You is as close as this record comes to a stentorian thunder. And get your ears around ‘Godhead’ which is a cosmic insight at arriving at a new place and believing it equals a new chance. Riveting.