Festival of Folk, Rhythm & Life 2023

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Festival of Folk, Rhythm & Life 2023

The Festival of Folk, Rhythm and Life has evolved over the past 20 years into what many, who know about it, would call ‘the best little festival around’. It began back in 1996 as a dedicated fundraising effort for Mittagundi Outdoor Education Center and was powered by enthusiasm, altruism and a good sense of what a good time in the bush was all about. When we began many bands described as “the southern Maleny / Woodford Festival” which we took as a massive compliment.

Since its beginnings, FRL has grown to support a wider pool of local, national and international interests that involve initiatives within Community, Environment and the Arts.

FRL, whilst not a charity, is a nonprofit event. Its main motivation has been, and always will be, to generate funds to support good people doing good things.

The festival is situated on the Skermer family property ‘Bilyana’ at Eldorado, which is nestled within the Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park. Set within the beautiful natural amphitheatre of the surrounding ranges, the festival is wrapped around an omega shaped bend in the Reedy Creek. The mixture of the natural acoustics and the expansive and character filled environment make for a very special and powerful atmosphere. Camping extends beyond the property into the National Park, and as well as the festival program there is plenty to enjoy in the surrounding bush.

The large heart of the festival is kept pumping by the generous contribution of blood, sweat and passion of so many who turn up during the preceding weeks, over the event and or linger after, to offer what special energy, talent or pure muscle they have to share.

FRL is immensely grateful and proud for the community of good people who come together each time to make this gathering what is it is.

A festival for all ages, FRL creates and fosters a safe, friendly and genuine environment, where Kids, Grandparents and all that is in between have a rocking good time.