Fear Of A Brown Planet Attacks

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Fear Of A Brown Planet Attacks


It’s not just comedy that needs the likes of Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain…

It’s not just comedy that needs the likes of Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain; schools, workplaces, society – in general – would benefit greatly from hearing the impassioned and informed messages of the brave, clever and sharp-witted masterminds behind Fear Of A Brown Planet. While it’s evident that Rahman and Hussain are bounded by similar philosophies, they perform alone before handing over to their comedic partner. Hussain opened the debate on various political issues before Rahman barged down the home straight in his trademark boundary-pushing ferocity.

Hussain’s slightly softer approach rendered his bullying stories and the unorthodox parenting skills of his mother both endearing and uproariously amusing. But it was his incredibly accurate impersonations that provoked the loudest shrieks of laughter. Hussain’s mockery of the national significance attached to “after-work drinks” on a Friday night left the entire crowd clutching their sides in hysterics, and his assertion that such boisterous enthusiasm should be attached to real issues was met with collective nods and cheers. Videos preceded both Hussain and Rahman’s sets, which served chiefly to provide an up-to-date account of pertinent political issues interspersed with pop culture references, so as to include all the elements that affect our modern sensitivities.

Rahman grasped the issues at hand and infused them with his trademark bite, boldness and piercing candour. No topic is too sacred for Rahman’s appraisal – after all, the truth alone is confronting. His commentary on the irony of “white-supremacists” in Australia was gold, and his airport jokes were etched in everyone’s mind by set’s end. Amidst all the fiery zest, dexterous knowledge and razor-sharp wit, Hussain and Rahman displayed an incredibly moving passion for difference and tolerance while exhibiting a poignant humility and charming self-deprecatory air.

Racism is a serious matter – thankfully, we have two inspiring Australian Muslims to remind us to do something about it. The heroic pairing of Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain has given rise to one of the most exciting and important forces in Australian comedy.