Father Daddy’s Winter Solstice

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Father Daddy’s Winter Solstice

Midnight Mass vibes with more wine and less suffering. Think Tim Minchin or Bo Burnham but WAY gayer, and dripping with Catholic guilt.
Outside it is winter. But in here it’s SO Catholic! Even the orchestra is Catholic.

His Eminence has re-launched the album, pumped out some pop music, and rounded up a bunch of sinners to play with. Join Vatican City Eurovision candidate Father Daddy and the Devil’s Advocate on this feast day of St Aloysius to hear some very gay new music. He’s serving vampy cabaret numbers, pop bangers, a sleazy slow one about intergenerational sex (you’re welcome) and a bit of rock and/or roll for the straight people. All laced in fancy costumes and begging for forgiveness. He’s somewhere on the spectrum between weird and popular, so see him now while he’s still weird.

Peace be with you.