Falls Festival marks a momentous occasion for Lime Cordiale

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Falls Festival marks a momentous occasion for Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale
Words by Caitlin Hynes

Together for 10 years, Lime Cordiale emulate the Australian success story, using hard work and a “she’ll be right mate” attitude to reach success.

2019 has done that for the band, with an Australian tour and to sign off 2019, their 100th show in time for the Falls Festival Lorne stage.

It’s the classic Australian story – hard work and perseverance, after much blood, sweat and tears, transforms into success.

Lime Cordiale, and its brotherly pair made up of Louis and Oli Leimbach, reflect this over the past ten years as they climbed up the ranks from backyard gigs to European tours.

As they gear up for the enigmatic event that is Falls Festival, 2019 has clearly marked a welcome step up for the band. Just recently, the crew were signed by multi-platinum selling global megastar Post Malone, and his manager Dre London, to a co-management and label deal with Aussie record company Chugg Music.

Like Malone, Lime Cordiale don’t seek to do anything except make music that’s inherently for them and about them. They aren’t here to stamp down an opinion on political issues; instead they simply seek to express themselves in the cool, laidback style reflected in their daily life.

“I think the majority of fans follow that same process of just being yourself and making music for the fun of it. I think people definitely try and make music with something to prove. We aren’t like that. We’re more self-venting rather than ‘you should all live this way’,” explains Louis.

“We definitely write music for people who want to have a good time at shows but when we’re writing, we’re there to be ourselves and not over think it too much.

“We try and spit it out without taking ourselves too seriously. The more we do that and the less we write for other people, the more people love it. Basically, the less we worry about ourselves, the more people seem to enjoy it.”

This comfortable approach is reflected in their past gigs and records, with experiences overseas only adding to their chilled-out attitude. Having completed tours in the United States and Europe, Louis reflects that, “Our overseas experience has definitely helped prepare us for [Falls]”.

“In Europe we were playing night after night in serious music hubs and we were just sitting there thinking ‘oh my god we’re just a group of boys from Australia’. Those experiences helped us learn how to roll with it, no matter where you perform or how many people you perform to.”

Currently on tour across Australia with remaining dates up until Saturday December 14 that span from Melbourne to Hobart and Maroochydore, Falls is a huge addition to Lime Cordiale’s resume.

“We’ve always dreamed of performing at these events. It’s a bit like a pipeline dream that you wish for but know you won’t get to fulfil,” Louis says.

“We were on a plane when the news came through about Falls and we were those annoying people on a plane who were yelling and screaming and jumping up and down!”

If you thought being added to an already impressive lineup would add to their nerves, think again. Like their approach to everything, Lime Cordiale are gearing up for one hell of a party, with Falls marking the 100th show of their career thus far.

“Falls this year will mark our hundredth or 101st show of our career, so it’s going to be fun. We’re definitely keen to go out with a bang and then sleep once the tours and festivals are done.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’ve been working hard over the past nine years, so I think that’s where our success lies.”

Catch Liam Cordiale at Falls Festival Lorne when it goes down from Saturday December 28 until Tuesday December 31. Tickets via the festival website.