Exploring Box Hill Institute’s Open Month: an opportunity to kickstart a career or pursue something new

Exploring Box Hill Institute’s Open Month: an opportunity to kickstart a career or pursue something new

Words By Tammy Walters

Across the month of August, Box Hill Institute will come alive with an expansive program of events, workshops, live performances, tours and more.

August is a huge month for Box Hill Institute as they open up both their physical and virtual doors for Open Month.

The tri-campus education institution will present their state-of-the-art facilities, abundance of both accredited and general courses, and high percentage of post-graduate employment, apprenticeship and training rates through a mammoth program of events across Showcases, Tours and Webinars. With over 40,000 students selecting Box Hill Institute as their tertiary education provider each year, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re keen to kickstart your career, or want to sink your teeth into something new, here’s everything you need to know about Box Hill Institute’s Open Month.

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Keen on a career in music?

The music industry is extensive with a web of career pathways to untangle. Box Hill Institute is making this process easy.

As a leader in Australian Contemporary Music Education, Box Hill Institute offer a large range of study disciplines in areas of audio, performance, music production, music business, game audio, hip hop, songwriting and much more. With a focus on collaborative projects mentored by industry professionals, Box Hill Institute are equipped to offer transferable industry education and experience.

During Open Month, Box Hill Institute will be hosting multiple music faculty events including Live Performance Sessions, a Music Production Workshop, and a Pathways to Industry Panel, where expert teachers, alumni and professional musicians come together to discuss the number of different pathways into the music industry.

These will be held at Nelson Campus on Wednesday August 18 between 5pm and 7pm. More information can be found here.

Considering a career in art and design?

Consider yourself a creative? If you have an eye for art and design, Box Hill Institute is overflowing with creative course options. Across 21 accredited courses, 16 domestic courses, five international courses and five free TAFE courses, you’ll be able to nurture your imagination and creativity in design, decoration, photography or visual arts.

From Floristry to Fashion, Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Arts and Visual Merchandising, Box Hill Institute’s Open Month offers opportunities to receive course information and see demonstrations of the course work on Wednesday August 18 between 5pm and 7pm at the Nelson Campus.

For those interested in Screen and Media, a tour and info session will take place on Tuesday August 24 from 4.30pm and 7pm at Building E5 at the Elgar Campus.

Not only do these courses offer design direction, Box Hill Institute has its own state-of-the-art facility to enhance the journey. With support from design professionals, Box Hill’s Creative Design Hub showcases best practices, support, and training in the vibrant world of design and offers photography and graphic design students the ability to collaborate with aspiring fashion designers. You’ll be able to explore such facilities during Open Month campus tours.

Art and Design Open Month information can be found here.

Is Hospitality, Tourism and Events your thing?

A mouthwatering menu of 19 courses are available across Box Hill Institute’s Hospitality, Tourism and Events faculty, with coursework complemented by industry placement opportunities and onsite practical experience at the institution’s own restaurant.

Open Month offers chances for future students to discover their options and chat to students and faculty members for Hospitality and Culinary Arts courses on Wednesday August 18 from 5pm to 7pm at the Nelson campus.

On Wednesday August 25 from 4.30pm and 6.30pm at the Lilydale campus, there will be opportunities for aspirants to explore the uniquely Australian Agritourism course, one offering pathways into a developing industry where agriculture and tourism intersect.

What’s more, on Thursday August 19 from 3pm at the Elgar campus, future students will be able to participate in a special tour through the newly-refurbished and modernised Fountains Restaurant and updated state-of-the-art commercial teaching kitchens.

All information on Hospitality, Tourism and Events opportunities can be found here.

Looking for a career change?

Have you been considering shaking up your career and pursuing something new? Maybe you want to enhance your current industry knowledge to advance further?

Box Hill Institute has an online quiz to help determine what the best course fit is for you. You can take the quiz here. Alternatively, speaking to a Box Hill Institute staff member may provide further insight and guidance pertaining to course selection and employment opportunities. This can be done at the Lilydale campus’ Tour: Skills and Job Centre tour, taking place on Tuesdays August 17 and August 31.

In addition you can book a one-on-one consultation with a career counsellor to discuss further.

Find out more about the Tour: Skills & Job Centre tour here.

Unsure how your chosen career will fit into a post-COVID climate?

Has COVID has thrown a spanner in the works in your industry and you’re seeking viable employment for future security?

Then the In-demand careers post COVID’ webinar is a must attend. What does the post-COVID work world look like? How can we determine the jobs that will be in-demand? Is my current career choice sustainable? Will particular industries be able to bounce back?

This 5.30pm online session on Wednesday August 4 will provide you with the latest information regarding forecasted future job trends and careers, and explore the best study options for you. You’ll also learn about current employment trends, government initiatives and other available career resources as determined by Box Hill’s expert Skills and Job Centre career councillors.

In addition, on Monday August 30, the How free TAFE today can get you a reliable job tomorrow’ webinar will offer insight into Box Hill Institute’s Free TAFE program, the courses available and the eligibility requirements.

Want more information about Box Hill Institute in general?

With so many pathways into so many different professions, offering both opportunities to kickstart a career or pivot into something new, there’s no wonder Box Hill Institute has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading vocational and higher education providers.

With three campuses in Box Hill, Lilydale and Melbourne’s CDB, and operating in ten countries, Box Hill Institute offers opportunities to study certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors.

Box Hill Institute has a focus of connecting the education and employment narrative with courses designed around working on relevant projects and using industry specific tools and equipment, in situations that are part of everyday employment.

It’s about finding the balance between work and life – something which Box Hill Institute has down to a tee.

For further information regarding Box Hill Institute, check out their website here or attend one of their Open Month events, showcases, webinars or tours.

Box Hill Institute’s Open Month is happening throughout the month of August. Check out the full Open Month program here.