Exhibition – Tracing Time

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Exhibition – Tracing Time

Tracing Time presents the work of five mid-career contemporary Australian artists: Ginny Grayson, Erika Gofton, Ilona Nelson. Sam Eyles and Nic Plowman.

A curatorial project from artist Nic Plowman, this exhibition offers audiences an intimate exploration of time, memory, and the tapestry of human experience.
The catalyst was to showcase contemporary artists whose visual languages are linked by materiality and processes, and an interest in concepts connected to and exploring ‘time’. drawing and surface and to highlight artists whose work both exposes them and sets them free – in a quarrel of strength and vulnerability.

Art can be a conduit, conveying (hard to articulate) meanings: From joy to sorrow, the mundane to the extraordinary; this unique exhibition asks the audience to embrace the interplay of the past and present all at once, and trace time as it shapes and describes our shared human experience.

Tracing Time links five contemporary Australian artists through the expansive and ambiguous nature of time.