Every Second Friday Vs Between The Wars…

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Every Second Friday Vs Between The Wars…


Every Second Friday having the hard word put on them by Between The Wars…

Where’d the name come from?


“We normally lie and come up with something more creative than the truth – being that it was an old rehearsal schedule.”

Top five influences?

“Janis, Creedence, The Checks, ‘Stones, Life.”

Favourite song by your band?


“Anything we’ve just written – it means we’ve heard it the least. We love playing Pretty Little Ditty though.

What is the best album ever?


Ten by Pearl Jam. Live would have to be How The West Was Won by Zeppelin and taking the Aussie cake would be Odyssey No. 5 by the ‘Finger.”

If your band could be any sort of inflatable animal, which would you be?


“Any of those massive inflatable things The ‘Stones blew up at their festival shows in the ‘70s/’80s. You’d get a pretty good view of Keef’s fretboard.”

Between The Wars being hassled by Every Second Friday…

What can BTW always promise punters at a live show?


“A lack of nudity, but a lot of cowbell.”

Person you’d most like to meet or meat?


“Miranda Kerr, Jimmy Bartel, Shane McGowan and Christy Moore.”

W hich Oz artist would you most like to support around the country?

“Bob Evans, Dan Kelly, Birds Of Tokyo or Ben Folds (has he got citizenship yet?).”

What’s the most embarrassing thing to have happened to you on stage?


“We forgot how to play. Bad show, that.”

Finally, what have BTW got planned for 2011 and beyond?


“Live album being recorded at The Spanish Club on March 25, and the various Celtic festivals around Australia!”

EVERY SECOND FRIDAY and BETWEEN THE WARS – along with Low Speed Bus Chase, Master Beta and Dog Hair Jacket – play The Espy this Saturday February 5.