‘Events like this are the true lifeblood of the city’: Sample Section 8 is set to bring established and emerging electronic artists together during Now or Never

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‘Events like this are the true lifeblood of the city’: Sample Section 8 is set to bring established and emerging electronic artists together during Now or Never

Words by Joshua Jennings

Section 8, Melbourne’s container bar-in-the-car park venue, is renowned for springing good times on its visitors.

Ordinarily, fun-lovers flock for the DJs, drinks, and the general ambience of pallet furnishing, chain-link fencing, and graffiti.

But on the first Saturday of September, Section 8 is staging a slightly different experience. One-off event, Sample Section 8, is for budding DJs and electronic music artists.

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A selection of DJs and producers from artist collective The Operatives will be on hand to collaborate and share knowledge with tomorrow’s DJs and artists.

Participants in the event will have access to the ecosystem of German music software company Ableton’s production and recording gear. Ableton makes creative tools for a global community of music makers.

They will discover how established DJs and artists create electronic beats in real time.

According to Ramsey Tawil, Ableton’s Australia and New Zealand brand manager, the Sample Section 8 event will demystify what can ordinarily be an opaque production process for outsiders.

“The art of making music tends to involve heavy processing, tips and tricks, studio secrets, and extensive gear,” says Ramsey. “We aim to showcase the art of using surrounding sounds (at Section 8) to express one’s self, and create music.”

Sample Section 8 is part of NONSTOP WKND. NONSTOP WKND is a two-day music safari showcasing Melbourne’s live and electronic music scene with events across six venues, including the Toff, Miscellania, Max Watts, Sub Club, John Curtin and Section 8.

Jerry Poon, founder and head of The Operatives, says Sample Section 8 is a great opportunity to shine a light on inspirational local talent.

“I think it’s a great example of how to maintain the focus on the true local talent within the state and city,” he says. “For the most part, internationally driven events take precedence, and this highlights the wealth of talent within the city, both in an educational as well as an entertainment perspective. Events like this are the true lifeblood of the city — as grassroots as it gets, and based around community.”

NONSTOP WKND is part of wider Melbourne festival Now or Never, Melbourne’s newest large-scale festival, celebrating digital art and future thinking.

A wide variety of Operatives DJs, producers and samplers will be on hand to participate in Sample Section 8.

Producers and samplers attending include Beatrice, Billy Davis, FOURA, Fly Boy Jack, and Swerv.

DJs include c000kie, DJ Smilez, JPS x Nam, FOURA, The Menace, and Yung Shogun.

According to Ramsey, Sample Section 8 is part of a wider festival (Now or Never) that offers some truly groundbreaking and boundary-pushing activations.

“Ableton & The Operatives have come together to create a welcoming space for everyone to attend for free,” says Ramsey.

Participants attending the events will be making music with equipment including Ableton’s Push instrument. Push is their latest flagship instrument that allows music makers to tap (literally) into a vast variety of electronic sounds and beats

The portable instrument can be transported around the venue, and pick up and record natural audio with a microphone plugged in.

They will also be able to capture their ideas with Ableton Note, a mobile app featuring a curated selection of sounds and effects.

Ramsey says the event will make the most of the seemingly limitless capabilities the technology has to offer.

“With everything built directly into the instrument itself, there are no bounds on where the sampling will take place,” Ramsey says of Push. “Ableton and The Operatives will be utilising found sounds across the entire venue and alleyway, with a microphone plugged directly into Push.”

Event participants will have opportunities to use Ableton’s full suite of electronic music production devices (Ableton Note, Push, and Live) at Section 8.

“Ableton’s purpose is focused on furthering the music-making journeys of all music makers, whilst sharing the joy of music-making together,” says Ramsey. “We also welcome budding artists to speak with us about their music-making journey.

“Ableton’s ecosystem allows flexibility from recording sounds and sketching ideas, to composition, mixing and mastering. We urge those who’d like to join to bring their phones with Note, their laptops with Live, their favourite instruments and their Push too. If it makes noise, we’ll record it!”

Jerry adds that the creative process will be anything goes.

“Be part of the sampling process. We encourage people to pick up a glass, give us a kick drum through the pallets, or sit through the tedious process of perfecting a snare.”

Sample Section 8 kicks off at Section 8 at 3pm, Sat Sep 2. Entry is free and no bookings are needed. Head here for more information. 

This article was made in partnership with Section 8.