Eliza Hull

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Eliza Hull

Find solace in the musical embrace of two of Australia’s most distinctive female talents.
Eliza Hull is an award-winning musician, writer and disability advocate within the music space, having performed at Ability Fest and curating the recent ‘Accessible All Areas’ at Isolaid. Her stirring, heartfelt songs have been featured on ABC KIDS TV, The Heights and in US shows Awkward, Teen Wolf and Saving Hope, while her acclaimed EPs and album have seen her touring the world.

A captivating musical talent, Liz Martin began playing gorgeous acoustic folk in the ’90s, before an encounter with club culture brought her together with Paul Mac. Atmospheric, passionate, brooding, melodic, at times downright swaggeringly rhythmic and full of a mesmerising and captivating musical and lyrical diversity, Liz Martin is a powerful and distinctive Australian music talent.