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This Friday January 20, the Los Angeles based Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is set to play NGV Friday Nights. Smith paints rich sonic tapestries using various modular synthesizer setups and techniques of her own invention, creating a unique journey through time and frequency. In some instances reminiscent of ‘70s synthesizer experiments, others more modern Brian Eno influenced ambient music, her otherworldly 2016 album EARS received a heap of critical acclaim and by all accounts she can back it up on stage – some describing her live show as a religious experience.


On Saturday January 21, Sugar Mountain Festival is back. The big day at VCA features some top notch locals and internationals including Pantha Du Prince, Tornado Wallace, CC:Disco, Mood II Swing, Habits, Suzanne Ciani and many more alongside various art installations and activities. The Boiler Room stage is back too, so now’s your chance to get your awkward mug on the ‘Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night’ Tumblr. Later on in the night the party kicks on at the Night Cat, with Sugar Mountain and Soothsayer presenting Baba Stiltz, Jnett, 6am at the Garage and a secret international guest to be announced on the day.


If you’re more of a Sunday session type, Sunday Soiree is back on at Joey Smalls this weekend. DJs are given free rein on what to play, ranging from house, funk and soul, to trip-hop and more, giving the djs a fun way to end their working weekends and relax. Up for this one is Matt Radovich, DJ Penfold, Sean Deans, Lotus Moonchild, FLOAT and

Brother Fox. With free entry, an extensive cocktail menu and awesome courtyard, it’s a hard to fuck up vibe. Kicks off at 3pm.


In other news, both Babylon and Pitch festivals have announced their locations and bizarrely, they’re going down on either side of the Grampians. The hills are gonna be bloody alive on Labour Day weekend, that’s for sure.