Eagles Of Death Metal @ The Hi-Fi

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Eagles Of Death Metal @ The Hi-Fi


If you indulged the MUTEMATH front man crowdsurfing on his custom made air mattress complete with lights, caressed his keytar or just enjoyed the schizophrenic, genre defying spectacle, good for you. Ain’t no one want to deny anyone a good time.

Not many humans in rock‘n’roll today have the needling dry wit, effortless charm and velvety smooth demeanor of Rocket From the Crypt’s lead singer John ‘Speedo’ Reis. Any frontman that convinces the crowd to loosen up by massaging the shoulders of the person in front of them is worth his salt. RFTC’s set blistered, filled with all the classics the crowd were hungry for, Born In 69′, On A Rope, I Was Made For You, I Know, plus more.

The band were clearly stoked to be in ‘Austria’, playing the ‘Shockwave’ festival as Reis cheekily put it. Rocket From The Crypt burnt just as bright as anyone could have hoped for, old hands that give the young bucks a run for their money and do it all with impeccable style.

If anyone was to attempt to rival John Reis, Jesse ‘the devil’ Hughes is certainly qualified. Hughes paced the stage with a manic energy, determined to put on show, and put on a show he and The Eagles of Death Metal did.

All the hits from the first two albums rolled out, causing the crowd to shake in a collective frenzy. Jesse was feeling the love, suggesting that we all do hot cocoa and hugs after the show. Hot Cocoa, a stripper friend of his naturally. Level issues plagued the second half of the set but weren’t successful in derailing it.

Punters were treated to an intimate version of Midnight Creeper, Taking Care of Business and I’m Your Torpedo by a solo Hughes. The band then returned to explode into a few more tracks before leaving the crowd with their primal instincts activated, ready to give themselves over to the spirits of the night.


Loved: John Reis’s incessant cheeky banter.

Hated: Post gig high, no sleep ’til 2am.

Drank: Not much, Monday yo!