Don’t be a fool: The Beast has you covered this month with finger-bleeding rock and no-fucks-given punk

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Don’t be a fool: The Beast has you covered this month with finger-bleeding rock and no-fucks-given punk

The Beast
Words by Ewen Stewart

The Beast is the heartbeat of Brunswick East.

Lively, great eats and just the right amount of sleaze – The Beast is an effortless choice no matter what’s on (and there’s always something on). In angsty April, the bar’s got a big lineup of performers set to grace the stage.

They’ll also be hosting Trivia Tuesdays for the quiz-heads. On weekends, it’s bands galore, and entry is free (that’s more money you can spend on beers). Want to know who’s playing? Look no further.

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Seedy Jeezus

  • Friday 5th April
  • With Budd

Are you in the mood for some raw finger-bleeding rock? That deliver “face-melting” guitar solos, as Jack Black would say. Reminiscent of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks of the late 90s, early 2000s, Seedy Jeezus are a ball of energy just waiting to blow. Supported by heavy fuzz-heads Budd, the 5th of April at The Beast is sure to be an angsty explosion of noise.


  • Saturday 6th April
  • With Unscored

Thrash-rockers Kandalini don’t take themselves too seriously but they’re seriously GOOD! Playing a range of hard, heavy rock hitters to clean bass-riffy dreamstate tracks with relatable lyrics. Supported by weird, kooky, grunge-psych outfit Unscored – bring your earplugs and swinging fists.

Disgruntled Civil Servant

  • Friday 12th April
  • With supports

Overdriven punk guitars with extra fuzz and extra noise set to the beat of relatable aussie lyricism. Disgruntled Civil Servant are storming The Beast stage, kicking the mic stand over and not apologising for it.

Les Thomas

  • Saturday 13th April
  • Kyle Brew & Bin Night Bandits

Country-folk lyricist Les Thomas writes music that makes you feel the pain that you didn’t know you had. Joined by heartbreaker Kyle Brew and folk-rockers Bin Night Bandits, this one will be a riot of a time.

Dear Thieves

  • Friday 19th April
  • With Grass Stains

Heavy alt-rock duo Dear Thieves bring a unique style of energy to the stage that highlights the full-body sound a two-piece can emit. Strong, powerful licks that feel like the understudy of grunge itself.  Supported by the relatable emo punk of Grass Stains, this is a heavy night that will please the 2010s pop-punk teen in your soul.

Bury Me in Smoke (a 4/20 Celebration)

  • Saturday 20th April
  • Ghostsmoker, AstroFuzz & Bongcleaner

Call mum, tell her not to worry – you’ve found a safe place to be on 4/20, you’ve found your people! Embrace the EXtreme hardness of doom metal group Ghostsmoker, get ripped to shreds by the fuzz-doom of AstroFuzz and get eaten alive by stoner-doomers Bongcleaner.

Witch Spit (ADL)

  • Friday 26th April
  • With R.U.B & Catatonic

Dive bar punk-rock noise gremlins, Witch Spit giving Bikini Kill, 70s riot girl energy. This is no-effs-given kinda punk that says “sure I’ll be nice”, then bites your middle finger off so it can give you an extra middle finger! Supported by DIY punk rats R.U.B and emerging punk outfit Catatonic. In case you didn’t realise, this gig is PUNK!

River of Snakes

  • Saturday 27th April
  • With Dental Plan & Gutternoize

Shoegaze noise-rock specialists River of Snakes describe themselves as “dirge-rock”; I see it as melodic thunder sent from above. Fuzzy crunching guitars, driving overdriven bass tones and thrashing drums guide the half-sung-half-screamed vocals across the room. 80s inspired punk-rockers Dental Plan and noise/experimental artist Gutternoize are set to open the night.

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