DJ /rupture To Tear Your Eardrums

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DJ /rupture To Tear Your Eardrums


Being one of the most talented turntablists this world has seen, regularly ripping through sets on three different decks and crafting all manner of complex musical works from breakbeats, a capella vocals and ambient noise which have seen him play the likes of John Peel’s BBC Radio show twice as well as Breezeblock, not to mention the two full-length LPs and innumerable sweet singles he’s dropped over the past few years. But the guy also runs a book club. One that gets broadcasted across the world regularly. I suspect badass is probably a less appropriate term than super-chilled, all-around-cool dude. Heading down to Australia for Golden Plains, he’s also just announced a cool little sideshow in Melbourne for us – teaming up with DJ Ms Butt (Matthew Brown’s live analogue synth set), and a special performance by Sudanese group Nuba Mountains Cultural Society of Victoria Inc. for the evening.