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The album previous, the Columbia Records-released and Rick Rubin-produced debut Licence To Ill, had been a resounding success and the band had now moved onto a larger label in Capitol Records (backed by industry oligarch Universal Records) and physically moved from New York to Los Angeles.

Tucked away in a veritable creative-bubble, the Beastie Boys enlisted the help of production team Dust Brothers. Made up of college buddies E.Z. Mike (Michael Simpson) and King Gizmo (John King) Dust Brothers were doing mash-up well before it even had a title and their creative use of mashing and melding existing songs was seamless well before the Dewale brothers (2manyDJs) had computers.

Just to give you an idea of the turntablism and sampling involved in this release below is a list of the nine key samples used in the album’s booty-shaking floor filler tune Shake Your Rump: Hoo-ha! Got Them All In Check By 8th Wonder by The Sugarhill Gang, It’s the Joint by Funky 4+1, Shake Your Rump-ah by James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa, scratch heard under lyrics “the most packinest” and  “your belief chief” is Could you be Loved by Bob Marley, the additional beats from Super Mellow by Paul Humphrey, Jazzy Sensation by  Afrika Bambaataa, Good Time Bad Times by Led Zeppelin, Dancing Room Only by Harvey Scales, Tell Me Something Good by Ronnie Laws, and Funky Snakefoot by Alphonze Mouzon.

So that means over the entire 15 tracks of Paul’s Boutique you’re looking at hundreds of samples; basically the entire album is snippets of other people’s songs. The ‘vinyl-tangibility’ of this album inspired three of the U.K’s most revered DJs – DJ Food, DJ Moneyshot, and DJ Cheeba – to create a 64 minute mix that uses over 100 records and a myriad of B-Boys vocal samples to recreate Paul’s Boutique ‘live’.

Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way was created in association with seminal U.K. radio show and Ninja Tune mix series Solid Steel and was inspired by Moneyshot’s independent 2009 Beastie Boy Beats project wherein the Bristol beatsmith constructed a mega-mixtape. The mix was first performed live at La Bellevilloise, Paris, France and then a second time in Paris to commemorate the 25th year of legendary weeklyDJ mix radio show Solid Steel.

DJ Moneyshot is Macroy Spencer, a Bristol DJ from the old school where before one could not call themselves a ‘disc jockey’ unless they had the skills to, literally, pay the bills. Spencer caught up with Beats to discuss the impending DJ Food, DJ Moneyshot, and DJ Cheeba’s impending Australian tour that sees the threesome bringing Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way to the Prince Bandroom this Friday February 21.

“We’re actually quite nervous, I mean we certainly haven’t got it down pat!” informs an excitedly nervous Spencer. “We have been practicing in a club in Bristol – the set up will be a central turntable with an array of samplers and sequencers positioned to the side with of course a collection of vinyls. So we’re not all DJing at one time; instead we take turns for various movements through-out the mix.”

Finally, Spencer offers this bizarre and witty invitation to Melbourne music fans interested in attending. “Well if you want to see three middle-aged men rushing around furiously spinning some of the greatest songs ever recorded in an effort to recreate one of the greatest albums ever created then this is the show for you!”