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“Life in New York City is fantastic! I get to live, work and produce music in one of the most amazing cities in the world! And the weather has been great recently – very warm, sunny and clear skies.” Damn straight. And right now, plenty is going on in his backyard. “There is lots happening,” chimes Amadeus from his New York base. “I released my new vocal track Burn which is getting insane reactions worldwide and is receiving support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Fedde Le Grand. I’ve also played some great gigs recently: I performed at Circus in Canada and then Petergof Hall in Chicago and numerous venues in New York City. I also had the pleasure of co-headlining recent events with Bob Sinclar, Sharam and Behrouz. I really have a lot going on at the moment and I’m trying to stay focused on releasing and producing more tracks and to tour more globally.”

Which is a challenge in itself – but then you’ve got to be relevant as well. “I always experiment and try to stay current but at the moment my favourite style is progressive house and electro. I’m always about energy; I enjoy seeing the crowd go crazy when nasty dirty synths come in or big bass lines hit after a big break down – and I always love melody, as I am a pianist. Crews like Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Tiesto, Afrojack, Laidback Luke and Starkillers have influenced me a lot in the last year or so to point me in that progressive, electro direction. However, I have also love house and techno and I can be found spinning sets like this at afterhours spots.”

Studio wise, he’s just finished a few tracks including another vocal piece titled Berlin featuring vocals by Mario Sebastian, as well as a further three ‘progressive bangers’ as he terms them. “Being able to share my music with other producers, DJs and especially fans and seeing them react and dance to what I have created is what certainly drives me!” he chimes. And barely catching his breath, he finishes with this: “as for the future – well, music production is always on top of my list. I am always trying to deliver new club stompers and to perform as much as I possibly can to build up my name and my sound.”

Glad too, that the scene in the US has bounced back, Amadeus isn’t surprised with the amount of collaboration going on in the industry right now. “David Guetta is just one example of an artist who has collaborated with hip hop artists for example. Now the EDM scene is in high demand and stronger than ever. I see many clubs and festivals cross- booking genres on the same bill. So in my opinion, the EDM scene is as strong it has ever been. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. It’s also great to have seen people becoming more educated and familiar with EDM when it comes to actual names of tracks and artists. I’ve also seen a lot of new fans emerge, meaning people who were only about hip hop or rock music are suddenly in the EDM scene. I think it’s great how wonderful and infectious this scene has become”.

Finally, in relation to the tour, he’s all pent up and can’t wait to get down here. “I would describe my peak time sets as ‘big room’ sound oriented with high energy,” he says. “Most of the tracks I play are combination of my original tracks, mash ups and those from artists who influence me. You can expect to hear original music that will move you and have you asking for more! My live show aspect is still being developed; but I feel safe to say that if I could have, it would have been visually stunning and interactive. I would have the live performances from the vocalists that are featured on my tracks and much more!”

Until then, it’s the DJ Amadeus train that’s leaving the station. All aboard!