Disney in Drag to Greece Lightning: Five bizarre Comedy Festival shows to see this weekend

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Disney in Drag to Greece Lightning: Five bizarre Comedy Festival shows to see this weekend

The 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival is now truly in full swing with the third weekend almost upon us.

If you’ve spent even a few minutes on the MICF site, you’d know there’s a fair chunk of shows to sort through, so we’re breaking it down, and today it’s time to get a bit experimental and see some shows that are weird yet totally wonderful.

Garry Starr – Greece Lightning

If you’ve forgotten your Greek history, look no further than Garry Starr’s show hitting the popular Comedy Republic venue this Melbourne International Comedy Festival. There’s not a lot in the show synopsis about Greece Lightning, but it dives into the interesting world of Greek mythology, but does so in a humorous way, with Starr using audience participation and props to help move the story along and make sure it’s a show worth seeing. Starr’s a character that is played excellently by Damien Warren-Smith. The show’s been selling out fast, so make sure you check out more information and book in your tickets to Greece Lightning as soon as you can.

Kitty Chaos – Pinkies Up

It seems to be the time for new and original musical works in Melbourne, with many of our local music stars getting sell out runs this Comedy Festival. Yet another is popping up, with Kitty Chaos and their show Pinkies Up. As the name suggests, this show focuses on all things tea – specifically, it’s a cabaret with many original tunes dedicated to the hot and cold brews that feature in many of our lives. Kitty Chaos is the name of a trio, featuring Tess Parker, Jacqui Beaman and Sarah Culy.

Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody

There are two worlds you’d think would join forces sooner or later – with drag performers and Disney movies meeting for this show making its way to the MICF this weekend. The show is a musical journey through the worlds in the movies we love but done in that awesome and distinct drag queen way. There are set to be many references to all the movies we love – their show synopsis referencing Toy Story, Dumbo, and Up, among many more. It’s taking place at The Capitol this Saturday and Sunday at 6:45pm and 5:45pm respectively.

Ben Russell, Greg Larsen and Friends: Election Results (Not Satire)


If you’re keen to head out past your bedtime to catch a show in the world of the weird and wonderful, this Friday night / Saturday morning show is taking place at Comedy Republic. With Ben Russell and Greg Larsen at the helm, be prepared to catch many interesting guests and commentators, a plethora of jokes, many visual aids, and of course, see who’s set to win the election. It’s only one show, tickets start from an easy $40.50, so make sure you grab your tickets now. More information on Ben Russell, Greg Larsen and Friends: Election Results (Not Satire) can be found over on the Comedy Festival website here.

Adults Only Magic Show


Kids look away. As the name suggests, this show focuses on the world of magic, but with a cheeky adult spin. Run by two talented magicians Sam and Justin, there’s set to be a number of illusions, stunts, and even a bit of nudity. They’re set to “replace the top hats and bunny rabbits with naughty comedy and sex appeal”, if this sounds up your alley, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this show a go. It’s taking place at The Athenaeum Theatre this weekend at 9:45pm and 8:45pm respectively.

You can check out more info on The Adults Only Magic Show here