Dirty Vegas : Electric Love

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Dirty Vegas : Electric Love


Cracking the US pop mainstream with their debut, scooping a Grammy in the process and then alienating the entire world with the abysmal follow-up, British dance-pop trio Dirty Vegas did the honourable thing and split in 2005. Now they’re back to atone for their sophomore sins, firming up their dance cred by signing to San Francisco label Om Records. Fortunately, the break seems to have allowed them to re-discover their mojo, with Electric Love being a solid collection of dance floor oriented vocal tracks. Shimmering melodies, bouncing rhythms and glossy production abound. Highlights include the surging Little White Doves, the subtle funk of Changes, the title track’s jagged electro, the glistening pop of Emma, the peak time house of Pressure, and the euphoric Today. It’s all pretty superficial, but there are some gorgeous electro pop moments that make it worth checking out, and like all great albums, it’s short and sweet and doesn’t outstay its welcome, clocking in with ten tracks at just under 37 minutes. Welcome back boys.