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Dirt Farmer : Dirt Farmer


Dirt is sorely underappreciated as a critical ingredient in nature. Without it, the entire food chain, and the survival of humanity would be at risk. Plants grow in dirt, dirt houses bacteria that are fundamental to the inter-dependencies of the biosphere, dirt holds stuff in the ground. Dirt is good, man.

And Dirt Farmer’s self-titled debut EP is even better. You can take a track like Kick It and run it up against any classic pop song and you’ll walk away with the shit-eating grin on your face of an acid-freak who’s just discovered the secret of the world while walking naked in a cornfield. Or you can reach out to the harmony-laden Beach Boys-meets-Doors pop lament of Johnny Marble and pull it close to your chest like the lover you’ve spent your adolescence yearning for. If you’re unsure, take a casual stroll into Turtles territory with Real Young and you’ll find everybody’s as happy as a pig in shit, with very good reason.

If you don’t reckon Showgirl is the apex of the ’60s bubblegum pop experience writ large, then you haven’t realised the importance of The Monkees as a pop cultural phenomenon. And then there’s the Louie Louie inspired three-chord garage brilliance of Honey, complete with the psychedelic guitar freak-out – this is the shit. Is there anything left to say? Probably not – and, besides, everyone’s dancing anyway.


Best Track: All of them

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In A Word: Perfect