Wings of Glory

Wings of Glory

Melbourne, VIC

1 / 10
Words by Gareth Morgan
Photography by Amy Weavell

Wings glorious wings.

If you’re a little tired of burgers – which seem to be everywhere – but are still hanging onto the American dream of good, hearty, messy food, then you’re probably dreaming about wings. Wings Of Glory are the perfect answer to your cravings, specialising in traditional American-style chicken Buffalo wings and offering their very own brew – the aptly titled Glorious Beer.

Wings might not be an obvious meal choice. Maybe the odds are even stacked against them. They’re so small? They’re on the bone? Well, you’re right – but don’t let these facts about wings scare you off. Wings of Glory prove that this humble cut of chook is ripe for innovation, and deserving of respect.

Wings of Glory is still in its early years, having started back in 2015 in South Melbourne. Their mission was and remains simple – chicken and beer. Since then, they have opened a second store on cosy Little Lonsdale Street in the city with the same menu. It’s a simple menu that takes away the overwhelming feeling of a restaurant with too many options. It’s absolutely no nonsense: wings and sides. As you might expect from a narrow list of options, everything is made with a real attention to detail and packed full of flavour.

The ease of the boneless wing might seem like the ultimate wing experience, but we must say: there’s something fun and genuine about eating meat from the bone. The bone-in wings are especially delicious with the original spicy flavour, and made – like everything – in-house.

For those a little wary of spice, the “Happy Medium” level of heat perfectly balances chilli, salt, acidity and sweetness without losing the spicy punch. For those with young ones, or people who don’t like any heat at all, the lemon pepper is a safe option with a little zing. Dunk these milder wings in a blue cheese sauce for a salty, funky flavour if you’re feeling a little wild.

Wings of Glory have crafted a hand-cut potato chip that is truly something special. Vegetarians will be happy to know that someone’s making vegetarian ‘wings’ as well, which prove that meat isn’t everything—so you won’t be that person eating chips at the end of the table with their carnivorous friends.

Also, they have $12 jugs of beer – a very solid house lager. That’s a cheap jug.

Whether you’re new to wings or a seasoned purveyor Wings of Glory is great for a cheeky lunch, uni break stopover, or after-work beers.