Waterslide Bar


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Waterslide Bar

Southbank, VIC

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Photography by Amy Weavell

Waterslide Bar enthusiastically embraces its part to play in shaping Southbank as an entertainment destination, encompassing both the past and present.

Inspecting the walls, you’ll notice that the venue is adorned with nods to its heritage. Its very name serves as a direct reference to the Victorian gold rush boom, with a sense of celebration of the bygone era evident. Beyond that, it fulfils its brief as a premier bar destination to the letter.

As you would expect of a venue that touts its cocktail expertise, when it comes to exquisite alcoholic concoctions, Waterslide Bar spoils you for choice. The mere sight of the bar is enticing – a dazzling and diverse rainbow of options, spread over cascading shelves that hit you all at once. Of course, given this focus, it comes as no surprise that Waterslide Bar strips any stuffy formality away in favour of a more relaxed, lounge atmosphere. It makes great use of its space, offering patrons an abundance of room to mingle.

To that end, it’s also no shock that Waterslide Bar’s specialty is light snacks, with an all-new menu of tasty treats recently debuted. Much like the history of the venue itself, there’s respect paid to some classic combinations, like the terrific fried Buffalo wings complete with blue cheese sauce.

Then there are other offerings, such as the pizzas – each pitched as a unique gourmet indulgence. Take a broccoli pesto base, throw in some pumpkin and roasted peppers, add a little chilli, bocconcini and basil, and just like that, you’ve got yourself an especially snackable pie that puts your local take-out joint to shame.

Once again, the setup is as such that Waterslide Bar aims to have you enjoying your evening with a cocktail in one hand and tasty morsel in the other. Not just anyone, but everyone – from tourists to work colleagues – everyone’s likely to stream through Southbank looking for a place to kick back and have a little fun. As such, the bar snacks menu is notably diverse, accommodating for all different tastes.