Voodoo Love Child Speakeasy


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Voodoo Love Child Speakeasy

St Kilda, VIC

Southern Gothic speakeasy bar and café, serving up delectable New Orleans Creole tapas. Board game, Trivia and Poetry on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Free live music Friday - Sunday.

Live music is free every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by for a weekend libation and you’ll find someone tickling at the keys, strumming a guitar or honking away on the horns.

Famous for the classic muffuletta sandwich. It’s a meaty, cheesy delight finished with a tangy olive tapenade and made to be washed down with a strong drink. There’s a vegetarian option as well – this is Melbourne, after all.

Infamous for the cocktails. They’re a little too good. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stumbling out of the door after a few too many Sazeracs. Pass a good time, as they say in New Orleans!

Looking for a little Louisiana charm without the gators, hurricanes or thousand dollar plane ticket? Try St Kilda instead. Voodoo Love Child Speakeasy channels the food, the vibes and the music of the swampy south, and after working your way through their drink menu, we promise you won’t be able to notice the difference.

On the weekends, blues and jazz tunes echo through the room, leaning into that smoky speakeasy feeling. If the mood is right, dancing may ensue. Karaoke is also not off the cards. Throughout the week, they’ve got other entertainment as well, from a fortnightly poetry reading to a beloved Wednesday night trivia session.

The menu is southern comfort at its finest. Fusing French, African and American flavours, the dishes have just the right balance of sweetness, spice and decadence. Think jambalaya, cajun chips, Po’ boys and fried chicken with cornbread waffles – spread on that jalapeno maple syrup butter and tell me it’s not black magic. If you need an extra kick, they’ve got hot sauces coming out the wazoo.

There are red velvet lounges tucked in the corner that offer a more intimate visitor experience, but around the bar is where the fun is at. Every seat offers a prime view of the evening’s talent and the set-up is made to be social, so don’t be surprised if you end up leaving with a few new friends. Homey, groovy and jam-packed with pizazz, it’s a spot that does the Big Easy justice.

Where: 143 Chapel St, St Kilda

Open: Tue-Sun