The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar


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The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar

North Melbourne, VIC

If you're craving an authentic rock bar experience, The Last Chance has you covered.

Live music takes place in its intimate, 185-capacity bandroom and is the beating heart of this late night punk watering hole that electrifies the atmosphere and keeps the crowd rocking all night long.

Famous for showcasing both up-and-coming local bands and established acts, providing a platform for diverse musical talents and fostering a vibrant music scene. Oh – and their Pozible campaign to save The Tote from developers.

Infamous for its grungy and edgy vibe. The Last Chance has also gained notoriety as the go-to spot for those seeking an unapologetically rebellious and punk rock experience, where the authentic and unconventional thrives.

The bar regularly hosts gigs, ensuring that the rhythm of live music never fades away. Sip on craft beers and indulge in American-inspired snacks as you immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of the local music scene.

This late-night punk rock hole, owned by the dynamic duo Shane Hilton and Leanne Chance, has become a haven for intimate gigs and unforgettable nights out. Step into The Last Chance and feel the energy pulsating through the air; with up to eight live shows a week, this venue is a rock lover’s paradise.

The Last Chance feels like a home away from home, attracting a diverse crowd of music lovers. With its post-modern punk-rock theme, the venue oozes authenticity and street-smart charm, providing the perfect backdrop for the young rock ‘n’ rollers, punk warriors, and Gothic goddesses of Melbourne.

You won’t go hungry at The Last Chance either. The kitchen serves up classic pub food that hits the spot, and they even have great vegan options for those with a taste for plant-based delights. Don’t miss out on the $10 Monday Schnitzel and Gravy special—it’s the best value meal in Melbourne.

The Last Chance is your best chance for a late-night party that lasts until the sun comes up. Keep the energy flowing as the beer keeps pouring, and when dawn breaks, head across the road to the Queen Victoria Markets for a well-deserved breakfast.

Check out Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar by heading to 238 Victoria St, Melbourne.