The Curtin


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The Curtin

Carlton, VIC

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, The Curtin stands as an enduring symbol of the city's rich musical heritage.

LIVE MUSIC takes place in The Curtin’s spacious upstairs band room. An iconic space that sees performances across all genres, The Curtin remains a crucible of creativity, forging connections within Melbourne’s cultural sphere.

FAMOUS FOR being the haunt of Melbourne music royalty. In the immortal words of Alex Lahey: “Every Melbourne musician and music fan loves this spot.”

INFAMOUS FOR hosting Sonny’s Fried Chicken & Burgers, which serves up some of the tastiest fried chicken in this city. Sorry, vegetarians – that’s what I call finger-lickin’ good. 

As one of Australia’s oldest pubs, The Curtin has been a fixture of the Melbourne music scene for decades. Wallpapered with gig posters and known for its welcoming and laid-back vibe, it has given countless emerging artists of all genres a place to find their footing and plays host to some iconic international acts. 

Its homely decor and no-frills charm create an inviting space where music lovers can revel in the raw energy of live performances. “They [book bands] from Jazz Party to weird, experimental shows, to just awesome, straight-up rock‘n’roll and punk shows,” Pablo Alvarado, creator of Bone Soup touring group, told us back in 2022. “The fact that [The Curtin] doesn’t have this big label or brand of being one particular thing is what I love about it.”

The Curtin stands proudly across from Trades Hall, paying homage to a former socialist turned Labor Prime Minister, John Curtin. A haven for diverse souls, this iconic spot has attracted Bob Hawke, students, unionists, music aficionados and bands alike. 

Craft beers, delectable food, pulsating live music, DJs, a lively dance floor, and hands-on staff complete its vibrant tapestry. Its unassuming facade belies a treasure trove of musical heritage – if you haven’t already spent a night there, trust us when we say you’re missing out.

The Curtin is nestled away on the city end of Lygon St, Carlton, just a short walk from Melbourne’s CBD and moments from Melbourne Central train station. The venue has a 300 capacity band room designed to ensure an unrestricted view of the large stage from anywhere in the room. The Curtin hosts regular album launches, interstate touring bands, and larger internationals seeking an intimate show.

Where: 29 Lygon St, Carlton

Open: TUES – FRI, 12 pm until late, SAT – SUN, 1pm until late