New Guernica

New Guernica

Melbourne, VIC

New Guernica looks like something out of a Brothers Grimm Fairytale.

With an indoor gazebo, ‘badgers backhouse’, technicolour kitchen, dim lighting and forest clearing ambiance, the interior design is like an amalgamation of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. It’s certainly not your typical bar scene, and the various nooks and crannies are filled with little secrets and design flourishes.

While the venue may look like it was plucked from the pages of a children’s book, the drink options are all very adult. New Guernica offers a full cocktail menu, a selection of top-shelf spirits, several wine options and a wide assortment of local and imported beers. Everyone is pretty relaxed about drinks and you’ll see a real mix of beverages appearing on the bar counter. While the corporate crowd usually opt for beers, the design/arts/student contingent are just as likely to be drinking scotch. Point is, they get a real eclectic mix of people in at New Guernica. While early afternoons tend to attract suits, things get progressively more indie as the night moves on. Seems that no one can resist the faux mountain views, indoor gazebos and technicoloured kitchen.